28 July 2014

UFC on Fox 12: Lawler defeats Brown via decision

Robbie Lawler punch Matt Brown in UFC on Fox 12

Robbie "Ruthless" Lawler ends Matt Brown's 7-fight winning streak

Matt Brown (19-12) looked weak and not very confident at the beginning despite being the one overweight for this UFC Welterweight Championship title eliminator bout, swinging half-hearted hooks that'd never catch Robbie Lawler (24-10), until he landed one to Lawler's chin but Lawler managed to land one of his own on counter. Brown found his range and began throwing some precise combos and elbows before taking Lawler  down with a trip. Both eventually got back up and it was quite a close fight, Brown utilising his length and Lawler with his patience and explosive power. They started kicking each other a lot but it was Lawler who seemed to be troubling Brown with his body kicks.

25 July 2014

Stylish furniture @ Stanzo Collection Mont Kiara Mall KL

First Stanzo Collection retail concept store launched in Malaysia at Mont Kiara Mall Kuala Lumpur

Offers premium furniture to create exclusive looks for homes and offices

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Looking for some alternative furniture for your place? If you're in Klang Valley, you're in luck 'cause the Stanzo Collection has launched last Saturday (19 July 2014) at Mont Kiara in KL. Plenty of people were there at the launch to check out the brand new concept store and have a feel of all the furniture available. Also present to grace the opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony was local celebrity radio announcer and actress, Gan Mei Yan.

23 July 2014

Movie Review: Earth to Echo (2014)

earth to echo movie still - owl robot alien

Basically E.T. + Batteries Not Included + Stand By Me in found footage form

A tale of innocent friendship; three kids embark on a secret adventure together, find a robot owl-like alien, make friends with it, try to prevent it from authorities' reach and intend to help it go back home. Sounds very, very, very familiar? Well, as said on the headline above, it's 'cause it's very, very similar to Steven Spielberg's E.T. the Extra Terrestrial (1982), Batteries Not Included (1987), elements of Stephen King's Stand By Me (1986) and maybe J.J. Abram's Super 8 (2011) as well, but completely through the eyes of camera devices.

22 July 2014

UFC Fight Night 45 & 46 quickie recap

UFC Fight Night 45: 8 out of 11 bouts finished with knockouts, Cerrone KO's Miller

Donald Cerrone headkick KO vs. Jim Miller in UFC Fight Night 45

A very entertaining main card, all bouts were with finishes, one KO, four TKO's and one submission. Most of the fights were on standup most of the time and man, all of them were packed with fireworks, particularly John Lineker vs. Alptekin Özkiliç. Definitely one of the best Fight Nights (that has not many high profile fighters) I've seen this year thus far.

21 July 2014

Bruce Lee 41st Anniversary: Robert Lee 2013 flashback

Bruce Lee brother Robert Lee at ONE FC Asia MMA Summit 2013 keynote

A look back at Robert Lee's keynote at ONE FC Asia MMA Summit 2013 on the earlier days of his brother Bruce Lee and his philosophy

Robert recalls how much respect Bruce Lee had for Muhammad Ali

Yesterday (or now, depending where you are in the world), 20th of July, was the 41st death anniversary of the greatest martial artist of all time and one of the most influential people in the world, Bruce Lee Xiao Long (birth name: Lee Jun Fan). As small tribute here for the late legend, let me take you back to last year where I had the honour to meet Robert and Phoebe Lee, Bruce's siblings, at the ONE Asia MMA Summit. It was probably a once in a lifetime chance and I truly appreciate ONE FC for the kind invitation.

17 July 2014

Movie Review: 22 Jump Street (2014 - Channing Tatum)

Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum in 22 Jump Street movie still

A rare buddy cop action comedy sequel that's better than the first one

Who would've thought a sequel to the genuinely funny 21 Jump Street (2012) would turn out even wackier? As it's mentioned a few times in the film as though it's parodying its own instalment and other typical Hollywood movie sequels, 22 Jump Street is pretty much the same thing as the first one but "improvised", and improvised they did with more daring humour that'll particularly please general homophobic audience even more. This film is one of the best examples why sequels with the same director(s) as its successful predecessor are most likely going to turn out good.

16 July 2014

Movie Review: Locke (2014 - Tom Hardy)

Locke movie banner tom hardy

Locke is the most groundbreaking and powerful BMW commercial ever made

With Tom Hardy's best career performance in the driver's seat for the entire film

This film only has one act, and in the whole act only involves a car, a hands-free mobile device and one man - Ivan Locke (played by Tom Hardy), a highly experienced German-English construction foreman who, after receiving a phone call, decides to do what he feels are the right things to do, but for that, he has to drive to London immediately and by doing so, he will have to skip the most crucial and glorious moment of his concrete career, and not go home to catch an important football game with his wife and two sons.
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