02 September 2014

ONE FC 19: Aoki retains title, Askren & Jadamba new champs

ONE FC: REIGN OF CHAMPIONS - Shinya Aoki & Ben Askren win as expected, Narantungalag Jadamba first Mongolian to win a world MMA title

Roger Huerta impresses in his return to the cage, Malaysian Ann Osman gets her first win

There were a total of three title-defence bouts on this card, marking the first time ever ONE Fighting Championship ever had more than one title fight in a single event. There was supposed to be four but guess they just couldn't make the inaugural Middleweight championship happen in the end. It was a pretty decent night of fights at Dubai World Trade Centre with all bouts ended in either a first round finish or a decision.

01 September 2014

Converse Malaysia launch Jack Purcell Fall 2014 Collection @ The Offday, Bangsar

Irman Hilmi & Eddie Lim with Jack Purcell Cross Stitch at Converse x Offday popup launch kl malaysia

Converse's new range of Jack Purcell Cross-Stitch sneakers pop up at The Offday, Bangsar

Launched on 21st of August at the local fashion artist and curator Irman Hilmi's boutique The Offday in Kuala Lumpur, Converse Jack Purcell Fall 2014 Collection is now available in Malaysia and the Cross-Stitch sneakers are looking classy and, for the lack of a better word, "adorable" at the same time - outfitted in premium & quality leather (which makes it look totally elegant and most probably waterproof) with cute little cross-stitches at the side of the laces and a thick "smiling" line on each toecap.

31 August 2014

UFC 177: Impressive Soto KO-ed by Dillashaw with head kick & punch

Dillashaw KO head kick Soto UFC 177

Dillashaw vs. Soto awesome fight saved the night

If it wasn't because of the main event's surprisingly long entertaining fight, this could've easily been the worst PPV UFC event ever with only 8 bouts on the card filled with mostly lower profiled fighters. Fantastic show put up by both reigning Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw (11-2) and UFC debutant Joe Soto (15-3), who took the call to fight just the night before after the actual contender, Renan Barao, failed to make weight and had to be admitted to the hospital. This was perhaps the shortest notice ever for a title bout in the UFC. Despite not having the time to train for championship rounds, Soto's great performance saved the night indeed, probably even better than what Barao could've given.

UFC Fight Night 49: Benson Henderson KO-ed by Rafael Dos Anjos

Dos Anjos KO punch Henderson UFC Fight Night 49

Careless former Lightweight champ allows underdog to punch his lights out

Oh gosh, I just realised that there was another event the same day as Fight Night 48: Bispring vs Le. This card was not a PPV but it was way more satisfying in overall than UFC 177, just the amount of bouts already beats it. Most of the fights on the card were entertaining, plenty of knockout finishes. Since it's long over, this recap is going to be just a quickie.

28 August 2014

Movie Review: The Signal (2014 - Lawrence Fishburne)

Lawrence Fishburne as Damon Nomad alien AI in The Signal 2014 movie still

An unconventional sci-fi thriller for those who crave to see an unusual approach with a geeky twist

The Signal done well with only $2 million production budget

Three MIT college students on a road trip to California goes on a detour to track down a rival computer hacker named NOMAD, and end up at an abandoned house in the middle of Nevada (the state where the famous Area 51 is located in). Everything goes dark and the main character, Nic, played decently by Brenton Thwaites (Maleficent, Oculus), wakes up in a strange quarantine zone-like research facility with seemingly outdated technology that's led by a rather emotionless Dr. Damon, played by Laurence Fishburne (The MatrixHannibal TV series).

27 August 2014

Why 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014' sucks

TMNT Ninja Turtles with Megan Fox movie still 2014

Movie Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

Since the film has already been released for more than 2 weeks, I'll make this review a quick and straightforward one (but it turned out way longer than I wanted it to be). Besides, this is my first review in 20 days and initially, I didn't want to watch it at all, so I'll give myself a break. Although TMNT gotten mostly negative reviews from the "top critics" in the west (according to Rotten Tomatoes), some people I know actually said that it's not that bad if you don't take it seriously. So since I had some free movie ticket vouchers sitting around waiting to be expired, I thought what the hell, let me just see how it is myself.

26 August 2014

Carlsberg Malaysia bringing real BPL trophy over

Carlsberg Malaysia BPL trophy EPL football

Carlsberg is set showcase the official Barclays Premier League trophy in Malaysia this weekend (29 - 31 August 2014)

Carlsberg, the official beer of the BPL (otherwise known as EPL English Premier League) and the football club I support, Arsenal, are bringing the actual BPL trophy to Malaysia here and will be taking it for a tour across the nation for the public have a very close look at the thing. It may be the money, fame, honour and women the players are actually after but the trophy is the ultimate key symbol of league domination, awarded to only the champions of every season.
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