Public Enemies

When the ending credits started rolling, I looked at my friend and right away he said that the show was kind of boring. It wasn't that boring to me... but it wasn't great either. The storyline is pretty common for an old-skool type of crime movie and some of the dialogues are corny. This movie was based on a true story but a lot of things are inaccurate, but of course, right? I also felt that they shouldn't have casted Johnny Depp and Christian Bale for the two main roles as to me, the roles did not seem suitable for them. Either that or both of them just simply did a less impressive job. And why the heck is the camera so shaky?

Rating: 1.5 / 5
  1. lol. sucks la. u watching all the movies wit out me . lol.
    i see u removed the verification code . lol

  2. lol, and how am i supposed to wait for u? removed long time ady lorrr. i see u visit very seldomly

  3. not seldom la. just vy seldom comment ma lol. if i don intend to comment den i wont noe ma lol.


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