Kenya West pwned Taylor Swift at the VMAs

EDIT: Okay, I give up. This video's removed too.

Bet most of yall heard what happened but couldn't find the video anywhere? Well here's a real bad quality one but at least it's better than nothing. Better watch it quick before it gets removed as well.

I laughed like fuck when I saw this. Kenya West must had been high; or just desperately craving to get inside Beyonce's panties to had pulled a stunt like this. Poor little dumb and annoying Taylor Swift. She shouldn't have accepted Beyonce's offer to share her award winning moment.
  1. i don even see the point. his agent must hav said. u better pissed the world real bad or else no wan will noe u anymore. i m not a taylor swift fan oso. neither am i a kanye west dude. but tis is just too dam retarded

  2. I find it damn funny weih.

    1. Kenya West showed the world what a desperate dumbfuck he is. His blog apology made it even worse for himself.

    2. Taylor Swift showed what a weak useless piece of shyt she is. It's only a video award WTF. Why's she so affected by it? She only starred in her own video. Not like Beyonce made her own one as well.

    3. Beyonce wins 2-0.

  3. keji nya beyonce. out of the three though i hate beyonce most lol


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