超級白 the chao cibai song

I thought that this is the funniest song since Ah Niu's popular comedy love songs. Everyone should know that "chao cibai" are foul languages to Chinese, right? If you don't, it means "smelly pussy". It normally goes with "fuck your mother's" instead of just "chao ci bai" alone ("diu lei ah ma ge chao ci bai"). But in the similar pronounciation, "chao ci bai" means "super white" and that is the tutle of the song. But everyone would like this song because of the other meaning rather this. The lyrics are obvious a rant at someone but the melody and metaphorical lyrics make the whole song sound just like any other mainstream pop song on radio. And here you are, Chao Ci Bai, enjoy:-

LOL Ju On!
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