TRAILER/TEASER: King of Fighters (the movie)

This movie is so gonna be a fail. Just like how they failed Dragon Ball and Chun Li. Kyo Kusanagi, the protagonist, a caucasian, why am I not surprised? And I don't remember him using a sword at all in any of the games nor even in the comic series. This is like totally fucking stupid. Terry Bogard from CIA? My gosh, did they even do their homework before writing the script? And out of all girls, they cast Maggie Q as Mai. This is just wrong. Mai is iconic for her sexy red outfit and big bouncy breasts. How could they also fail the only one simple thing from the game that they could had made right? They have thousands of hot girls with big natural breasts! Maggie Q is asset-less!

US should never adapt an Asian comic or game into a movie ever again. They should go adapt their own ones instead. They can make a crap of them for all I care.
  1. Yeah... i knew about the cast some months back... kinda disappointed with the cast...


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