I am currently playing the original Final Fantasy VII for the fourth time and I have just reached to the end of disc one. Suddenly I got curious about why there are two different spellings for Aerith's name (Aerith is the original spelling but it is spelled as Aeris in the English version of the game). I did not bother to find out before this because I thought it was most probably a pronounciation error by the Japanese side which caused the English translators to spell her name accordingly. But ANYWAY when I was googling about this, I came across this parody comic strip which I find quite amusing:-

source of image
... and after FIVE long minutes of browsing about the names, I quitted. But I think what I guessed was right anyway.

Japanese game developers and their hired English translators should be extra careful whenever they are translating a game or giving names to its characters. The mixed up of the names of the Street Fighter characters (M. Bison, Vega, Balrog) was bad enough already.
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