Genre: Action
Running Time: 1 hour 31 minutes
Director: Dwight Little
Cast: Jon Foo, Luke Goss, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Kelly Overton, Mircea Monroe, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

This is yet another film based on a video game and as expected, it's a no-brainer but action-packed movie. The film focuses on Jin Kazama (Jon Foo), whose mother got killed before joining the Tekken tournament to get to the culprit and have his revenge.

Oh yeah, they fucked it up again. Extremely poor script, incredibly simple plot, uncompelling music and too many iconic characters of the game missing (e.g; Jack, Hwoarang, Paul). Not to mention how different this is from the original storyline and how ridiculous Heihachi looks.

The only decent thing about this movie is of course, the fight choreography. Probably better than Mortal Kombat's. But heck, I enjoyed Mortal Kombat 10 times more than this. And you would think they could come out with something much better after so many years.

Verdict: This film is more pathetic than expected. It's even worse if you're a huge fan of the games. I pity those who bothered to ask me if it's nice. You should pity me for watching it. However, compared to 'The Avenging Fist' (a Chinese film adaptation of the game), this one is probably more watchable.

What a joke: Mother's Japanese, grandfather's Japanese but then he's Caucasian. Just because the actor's surname is Foo, they thought they could Fool everyone. And nope, having a "lala" hairstyle is not the answer.

What's hot: Christie Monteiro (Kelly Overton) & her outfit. Butt cleavage might become a new fashion trend in the future.

Did you know? Jin Kazama never appeared in the Tekken video game series until the third one. Kazuya & his father, Heihachi are apparently the main characters in the storyline of the first two installments. I didn't know about this until I read up through Wikipedia. Jin resembles Kazuya too much in the games causing me to assume that Kazuya is Jin. Well, like father like son I suppose.

Rating: 1 / 5

What's next? King of Fighters the movie and the actor for the protaganist, Kyo Kusanagi, is a white dude as well. Can't hardly wait.

Date for the show: Chee Li Kee
  1. I've been reading some Tekken movie reviews, and I think your commentary is the best... Some rated it like 8/10

    Asia News Girl

  2. ass wipes again. groan*~

    fight sequence is wat category tony?
    like what.

    bullet time?
    ip man?

  3. hahaha I love your movie review!! Awesome *thumbsup*

  4. Cool entry, I like Mortal Kombat and Tekken too. Mortal Kombat is probably more entertaining compared to Tekken (:

  5. gah. why do they insist of not using asians?! BOYCOTT AVATAR (the one with the light on the forehead, not the blue lizards) TOO!


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