Top 10 Fave Films of 2010

(Updated 29 November 2011)

The top 10 favourite films of the year that I've seen:-
(Titles with asterisk are the new entries. Only movies that I've seen at the cinema were reviewed)

1. Toy Story 3
2. Inception
3. Black Swan
4. The King's Speech
5. The Fighter*
6. Let Me In*
7. Social Network
8. 127 Hours
9. The Town
10. Buried*

And now... here I give you the list of 12 worst films I've seen in 2010:

- Tekken
- King of Fighters
- A Nightmare on Elm Street
- Altitude
- Vampires Suck
- Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore
- Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
- The Flirting Scholar 2
- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
- Salt
- Back-Up Plan
- Green Zone

See previous year's list of top 10 films
  1. i will add despicable me into that must watch list~

  2. Scott Pilgirm vs the world FTW! I love that movie :3 and Despicable Me too! :D

  3. o.O! your taste of movies that high huh?

  4. i didn;t know u really like toy story 3... it was really touching for a cartoon movie for me! :)

  5. like toy story 3 most

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  6. Toy Story 3 was amazing! I was afraid Disney might screw it up given their record at making lousy sequels e.g. Shrek... but it was the perfect ending. I hope they don't make any more Toy Story movies and leave it as it is :')


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