至尊流行榜頒獎典禮2011 " 2nd My Astro Music Awards "

Rushed my butt to Nuffnang's office in KL during off work hour to get the tickets to the subject. It was freakin' jam and I wasn't sure if it was worth it even as I had no idea what award this was. I saw GPlus offering the passes on Twitter and I just accepted them without hesitation at all.

So I had two media passes and two tickets. I mistakenly thought they could be used seperately but fortunately I only invited one person along, and that was Tee Wilee.

The award night was held on 26th of March 2011 at Genting Arena of Stars. Check out the massive queue! The shot below was taken outside of the entrance 2 hours before live:
So darn many Chinese kids! I felt old. The only artists I know were veterans Lee Hom and Jolin Tsai. There was no way I would've queue up to enter, so we flashed out media passes to the guards at gates and they let us in right away.

We found out that our seats were just behind where the celebrities would be seated and we were absolutely excited.

We could've used the media passes to walk around the stage and take pictures but we didn't dare to. Afterall, we weren't armed with a DSLR. It's a little embarrassing if I had gone around taking photos with my Blackberry. So yeah, we've basically only used the media passes to cut the queue.

All the seats were filled an hour before the show started. It's quite an incredible sight, really, especially for us who had never been to a music award show before.
The fans were all doin' their thang, screaming out their idols in support. The only thing that annoyed us during the awards was the camera pole that's blocking us from perfect view. It freakin' moves too.

After a long wait, the artists walked to the stage from the back and to the seats I mentioned and shown above.
The fans were screaming their lungs out as if we're watching a football match with the teams constantly scoring goals. Of course, both Jolin and Lee Hom only appeared right before live for security measures.

Below is a shot of the four hosts of the night. Two of them were the casts in the local Chinese New Year hit movie, Great Day, and the other two should be the DJ's of My FM radio station. Two spoke in Mandarin and the other two spoke in Cantonese but they didn't really take time to translate each others lines.

Quite many award recipients attended. One of them was actually Wilee's aunt! I was surprised. A few big names who won some awards didn't make, Jay Chou, Hebe, Eason Chan, just to name a few. Even local Gary Chaw couldn't make it. There were too many awards and artists for me to remember and most of them which I haven't even heard of. On top of that, my poor Mandarin and inability to read Chinese made the show even more difficult for me to relate to. I'm not really into Chinese music.

Y2J performing after receiving their first award of the night:

And then it was the biggest star of the night yet, Lee Hom, performing his hit of last year, "Things You Don't Know":
It doesn't matter if you're a Jolin fan, or a Ding Dang fan, or Fahrenheit, or AK whatever, everyone was at least a little of a fan of Lee Hom. Everyone in the hall would scream and cheer for him everytime won an award, or sing a song, or even just a mention about him. Every single celebrity had some cheers and some shout-ats everytime they walked to backstage (presumably for the toilet) from their seats during commercial breaks BUT when it was either Lee Hom or Jolin, it wasn't just mere screams. The WHOLE place roared.

Most of them could dance alright, all of them looked great, but the most significant element that the people were hoping for was good singing. Most of the male artists did not really performed that well vocally. Particularly, Lee Hom. "Things You Don't Know" was a disaster but he sang some other songs (which I don't know) later on and it sounded better.
The only one who blew everyone's mind with the singing alone was Ding Dang for her rendition of "I Am A Small Small Bird" (don't laugh). Absolutely amazing. She hit every note and the highest one got me screaming, "YEAHHHH THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! NOW THAT'S SINGING!"
She's actually quite pretty too. Yes, I was checking out her legs the whole time.

When it comes to hot, no artist there even came close to be compared to Jolin Tsai. She won a couple of awards (but then again, almost everyone of them there won a couple of awards) but only performed one song close to the end of the night.
Damn... so so so hot.
She went backstage and came back out with a different (and slightly sexier) outfit. She performed a dance song of hers. Don't think any guy blinked when that was going on.

There were many categories and awards. Too many, in fact, it was to a point where both Wilee and I were actually hoping for the show to end quickly. When even a girl doesn't wanna be in Lee Hom's presence anymore, you'd know she's really sick and tired. I was bored as hell too.

The final and main award was predictably was won by Lee Hom. By my count, he won like six awards in total that night. He ran of speech to give.

I have here two funny shots of Lee Hom showing his tongue and seemingly licking the mic:
  1. "I Am A Small Small Bird" lol sorry I couldnt stop laughing haha

  2. Where is your Jolin Tsai photo? LOL, can't stop laughing when I remember that "dao tui" and "tou tai"!


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