WTF is "Speesh" (from Maxis)?!

Recently, a couple of ringgits were charged to my Maxis mobile phone bill without any real consent from me. It's an anonymous subscription service called Speesh by the shortcode of 28282. And I have no idea what the fuck it is.

Usually, and by right, such subscriptions would only begin charging if the phone user texted "ON (SOMETHING)" to a certain service number (shortcode). But for this one, they'd just begin charging you weekly until you terminate your membership or unsubscribe manually.

I still have no idea how this happened and why the fuck Maxis allow such subscription to be running. They should fuckin' suspend it already by now! They're just fortunate that I was lazy otherwise I would've fuckin' called them up to fuck the innocent customer service fella downside up nicely from the front. The weird thing is that the texts from them appears to have an icon on my Blackberry as though it's an application. So I wonder if it was from some application I downloaded and used after simply agreeing with the terms and conditions. Who reads them anyway? If there was the case, nicely played, you fuckin' unethical fuckers.

Anyway, to all you fellow victims out there who're actually here just to find out how to unsubscribe and terminate your apparent membership, text OFF SPEESH to 28282. Basically just reply "off speesh" to their fuckin' SMS before they charge you another two fuckin' ringgits or so on the next text you're supposed to be receiving.

UPDATE: Apparently this doesn't work for everyone. Please call Maxis and just scream at them for it. Demand them to stop/cancel the fuckin' service and demand for an explanation!
  1. maxis i always like dat wan. my friend kena rm 200 bill for data plan, even though he hasnt use up his data or just finish then stop. twice. and after appeal they only gave him a 50% price cut

  2. thanks... i really spent some time looking for way to terminate this shit...

  3. thanx 4 da last i can simply terminate dat shit...

  4. They have been sending SMS to me at 6am!!! Effing pist me off! Now my problem is solved, thanks!

  5. i do it and try to send to their number but it can't how?

  6. me too!i do it and it can't send how??! :(


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