大世界 "It's a Great, Great World" (SG)

Languages: Singaporean Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hainanese, Mandarin, Hakka and other Chinese languages
Rated: U
Genre: Comedy, drama
Running Time: 1 Hour 35 Minutes
Director: Kelvin Tong
Cast: Joanne Peh, Gurmit Singh, Nancy Sit, Henry Thia
"It's A Great Great World is set in Singapore's legendary amusement park named Great World, which was also affectionately known in Hokkien as 'Tua Seh Kai'. Spanning from the 1940s to the present day, the film signifies the stories of a multitude of characters that lived, worked, played, sang danced and even fell in love in Great World" (Cinema Online).

Verdict: If you grew up between the 30s to the late 70s in Singapore or at least been to the legendary Great World amusement park, this film was made specially for you. For the people who could relate to the movie, it is bound to cause massive nostalgia and I'm sure that you'd be delighted to watch it. Although I had no idea that such a place existed, I was still quite pleased with film. It explores multiple themes and indirectly delivers many meaningful messages. However I'm sorry to say that the overall acting performance is not great and the jokes aren't really hilarious.

Favourite tale between the four: They saved the best for the last. The little story about the wedding of the kebab vendor closes up the meaningful film with important messages.

This film was actually released... 7 months ago, the first month of the year. I wonder why it took the distributor so long to get it here? Is it because the storyline doesn't involve Malaysia positively?

Rating: 3 / 5

Second opinion: "I liked it. If we have understood all the dialects, the movie could've been even more entertaining for us" (Iris Loong).
  1. didnt know this show could be this good... another great singapore production. I wonder when will M'sia Chinese achieve this kind of standard, at least... no need to even think about beating HK film industry. I wonder if u had watched I Love Wing Chun... XD

  2. ooo u managed to catch it that friday. nice writeup bro


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