Buddy Soy Smoothies

From left; Yam Soy with Pearls, Citrus Madness Orange
Otherwise known as: Buddy Food Culture
Type: Smoothies, desserts and snacks
Price range: RM2.80 - RM5.30
Loyalty card: Available
Location: Lower Ground (LG-18 D2), Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (located next to Chatime)
Contact no: 012-338 3662 (Mr. Lee)
Open hours: 10am - 10pm (presumably)
Car park : Berjaya Times Square parking lot
WIFI: n/a
Clockwise from top left; ABC the Lot, Golden Roast Peanut,  Evergreen Japanese Cucumber, White Coffee with Soy Milk

Buddy Soy Smoothies snack foods
Clockwise from top left; Tau Fu Far's, Coconut Tart, Kaya Puff, Cucuk Udang.

Combo sets: A specific smoothie, dessert or snack paired with another select smoothie or dessert of customers' choice, priced at RM6-7. 

Daily offers: Only RM3.80 for "Today's Special" (the fixed select smoothie of the day). 

Promotional offers: Get up to 50% discount by using e-vouchers from their Facebook page. 

Buddy Soy Smoothies Ginger White Coffee with Soy Milk Cendol with Soy Milk Cool Due Honeydew Corny but Goody Sweet Corn
Clockwise from top left; Ginger White Coffee with Soy Milk, Cendol with Soy Milk, Cool Due Honeydew, Corny but Goody Sweet Corn.

Buddy Soy Smoothies Yam Soy with Pearls Citrus Madness Orange
Buddy Soy Smoothies outlet at Berjaya Times Square.

Verdict: Knives against machine guns. Totally different types of arsenals but the victor is obvious. When you're parked right next to a huge competitor, you gotta put up a better good fight. Buddy Soy Smoothies does make a point that soya could be used as a major catalyst of taste for almost any common beverages but unfortunately, magic don't just happen by simply mixing two ingredients together. They have much to work on and improve 'cause what they currently have now are just not sufficiently significant or satisfying. But kudos for offering a more local and traditional smack instead of trying to be like the many Taiwanese bubble milk tea franchises we have these days. It's also a commendable approach to have some light foods and tofu puddings on the menu as well. The older generation may favour them more than the younger ones.

The price: Reasonable for stuffs like the Soy Bean Milk and Tau Fu Far's but as for beverages, I'd rather pay slightly more for the ones offered by the outlet next to them.

Favourite: Coconut Tart - yes, my personal favourite here ain't a smoothie. It's already a problem if you think about it. However, the tart is indeed quite good and filling.

Least favourite: The pearls/bubbles - they're handmade, they weren't round nor were they were soft. Just basically not well done. Works quite well in a Yam Soy Smoothie though.

Least favourite 2: Golden Roast Peanut - it's literally like drinking crushed ice with shattered peanuts. This mere combination just don't really blend well.

Most unusual: Evergreen Japanese Cucumber - I hate vegetables and yet I enjoyed this smoothie. Refreshing and taste way better than the average cucumbers.

Target market? Well obviously the Chinese again. Use more English and Malay languages and less Chinese and these businesses may broaden their market but it just seems like none of them wanna give it a go.

Rating: 2 / 5

Another outlet to be opened at One Utama Shopping Mall: It's probably a bad idea now that there are ComeBuy at the new wing and Chatime's soon-to-be-opened outlet at the old wing. The owners are really nice people and I do hope that they'd sort things out and improve on the mentioned areas before branching out.
  1. They need to channel their resources properly.

  2. very refreshing and seems like there's much choices to pick from in terms of flavors and combos.

  3. Woots another new franchise beverage thingy? Not really into soya bean though.

  4. ehh why u opt for this instead of chatime since these outlets are so near to each other?

  5. i like the knives agaisnt machine guns quote. Really true.

  6. Seems quite cheap. Must give it a go. A lot of choices too :)


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