Tower Heist

Tower Heist poster movie review eddie murphy ben stiller

Rated: PG-13
Genre: Crime comedy
Running Time: 1 hour 53 mins
Director: Brett Ratner
Cast: Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Alan Alda

Synopsis: "When a group of hard working guys find out they've fallen victim to a wealthy business man's Ponzi scheme, they conspire to rob his high-rise residence" (United International Pictures).

Verdict: It's not as bad as the early reviews suggest. Tower Heist is not a parody of robbery films. Instead, it's a comedy version of the genre. A very decent one for that matter. Yes it's forgettable, it's a little racist, it's funny largely because of Eddie Murphy, there's no chemistry between the actors, BUT at least it's enjoyable. It also has a little purpose of showing why being a nice person or a nice boss pays.

Racism: In the movie, Josh (Ben Stiller), a white man, gets a black guy, Slide (Eddie Murphy), to teach him how to rob and steal.

Favourite quote: [SPOILER BEGINS HERE] "Never leave your wallets to a thief," says Slide in response to the others that want him to prove his worth as a criminal [SPOILER ENDS HERE].

The ending: [SPOILER BEGINS HERE] Josh manages to get a deal with the police to let his accomplices walk by handing over precious evidence against Arthur Saw (Alan Alda) and sacrificing himself for a 2-year sentence. The car made of gold is chopped up by the rest before delivering them to the doorsteps of the tower's staffs. A happy closure where all characters get what they deserve [SPOILER ENDS HERE].

Being a typical Malaysian, [SPOILER BEGINS HERE] I would likely throw away the car part if I received one without knowing why. I wouldn't even think that it's made of real gold [SPOILER ENDS HERE].

Rating: 3 / 5

Second opinion: "Liked it" (Iris Loong).

The invitation to the premiere screening of the film was courtesy of MSN Malaysia.
  1. Both my favo actors... yes, must watch!!

  2. Lesbian quotes should be included here!:)

  3. eddie murphy and ben stiller?? Now this is a movie i MUST watch

  4. a must-watch but only get 3/5 rating? >< i hope it can be better

  5. I am the number one fan of Ben Stiller though not much of Eddy Murphy. Thank for the review but will get a VCD and watch at home.

  6. uuuuhhh~~~ I've been wanting to watch this. Is it worth going to the cinema for?


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