Musical Review: Aladdin the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon

Aladdin Musical Sunway Lagoon

It's slightly better than the Peter Pan Musical they had around the same period last year but still RUBBISH. With the same concept they went with as before, once again I found myself sitting through over an hour-long Sunway Lagoon live commercial. Almost everything about this apparent West End Production seemed mediocre and cheapskate.

Here, Disney's version of Aladdin is taken up, shortened and improvised into an utter garbage, a Sunway Lagoon musical. I have no idea who wrote the play for this musical but that fellow needs to be stoned to death. He or she obviously didn't take the job seriously. The whole show is such a rush, it's like they just want to do the important parts of the classic magical tale and hope that the Malaysian audience would be fooled by their cheap sense of humour. The progress of the story is undetailed, impatient and absolutely heartless. Wait, what the fuck am I talking about here? There IS no progress, there isn't any intention of giving the crowd a ride of emotions with the great tale itself. The dialogues are pretty short and simple as well.

Aladdin Musical Sunway Lagoon

As though that's not bad enough, irrelevant names, culture and elements are incorporated as well.

"How can I trust someone who looks like Simon Cowell?"

"Okay lah?"

Those are some of the lines used on the play and that is just the first sign of the horror. The genie is a hip-hopper, the Slave of the Ring looks like Lady Gaga with a voice that sounds like the flirty cats in cartoons, KLCC makes a background appearance, Sunway Lagoon can be heard and seen a couple times as well, and... Star Wars. Only one Disney Aladdin song ("A Whole New World") is performed whereas the others are the mainstream crap like Bruno Mars' stuffs and so on. I totally understand their intentions of being more modern and creative, but this is just insulting to me.

The singing is not entirely live, I believe, because they sounded pre-recorded at times. It's definitely not fully lip-synced either because the vocal volume consistency and the timing of their singing were not perfect. The music, like before, is not played live. The midi-sh quality of the beats made me feel like I was at a RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia) concert. And being seated at the side or the back of the amphitheater gave me an idea on how poor the sound system is there. At times, I just couldn't hear the dialogues clearly.

Aladdin Musical Sunway Lagoon

The dancers look quite hot, and from afar, they look hotter than the chubby Princess Jasmine. The dance and action choreography is nothing amazing, in fact the sword fight scenes were like kids playing in slow motion, and yet a few of the dancers seemed very unconfident throughout the evening.

There was a 15-minute half-time interval break for the crew to change the environment of the stage (and for some F&B and merchandise sales). During the interval, there was an uncle telling the audience to interact with the actors to have "more fun". There were interaction attempts by the actors from the start to the end of the play and instead of just staying put on the stage, they'd bring the action to the audience's seats, giving the people a real 3-D experience. Now now, at a genuine musical or theatre play, there are no interaction and the audience have to be strictly silent throughout the show (but are allowed to laugh and cry at the right moments of course). But in this case, as long as the crowd is responsive, it's most probably positive.

Aladdin Musical Sunway Lagoon

There are a few things that are commendable to me. In spite of being in costumes that seem like they're from a cheap rental shop, some of the actors' performance were quite enthusiastic and lively, especially the one who plays the genie. The poorly written stage play doesn't stop them from playing their roles well. However, there were times that their singing were inconsistent and seemed that they were unsure of the lyrics. The stage environment set-up is pretty decent (although the magic carpet looks more like a hanging bed), considering amphitheater is obviously not an ideal place for a musical. Good lighting effects as well. They also used some real animals for the show, I thought that's cool (but Disney Aladdin's monkey, Abu, is completely cut from the story here). There was also one part of show I actually really liked - the one right after the interval with the circus thing going on.

Aladdin Musical Sunway Lagoon

This Aladdin the Musical will be performed at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre until the 2nd of January next year. Tickets price range is RM50 to RM300. Seriously, why would anyone pay that much to watch a profit-driven and effortless ingenuine live musical? Decent if it's free of charge for it may be amusing for kids. To me, personally, it was a complete waste of time because I'm the type who'd only appreciate an authentic theatre musical. If I were to choose, I'd rather pay to watch the same Disney animation again at a cinema.

Aladdin Musical Sunway Lagoon

"Why don't we go and have fun at Sunway Lagoon?!"

"During Christmas period, it will be snowing at Sunway Lagoon!"

Oh, shut the fuck up.

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