龍拳 "Fist of Dragon" (MY/SG) | Movie review

Fist of Dragon 2012 movie poster
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Rated: 18
Genre: Action, comedy, martial arts
Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Director: Michael Chuah
Cast: Henry Thia, Fiona Xie, Michael Chuah, Wang Xiao Chen

Synopsis: "Fist of Dragon is an action comedy that tells the story of Uncle Chen, a coffee shop owner who faces many hardships caused by the local triad. His nephew, Jie tries to help by fighting off the triad but ends up causing more problems. Jie's actions soon bring the wrath of the triad and drag the whole town into turmoil. Moreover, Uncle Chen's daughter, Lily is on the triad side and their relationship is badly affected when the confrontation between the triad and the townspeople reach its peak" (Mega Films Distribution Sdn Bhd).

Verdict: Fist of Dragon is perhaps the worst Malaysian-Singaporean film I've ever seen on big screen. The first half seems like it's gonna turn out to be another Bruce Lee movie rip-off before the "add-on" plot comes along as though they were suddenly unsatisfied with the story halfway during production and decided to go on and improvise without following the screenplay, resulting vagueness, lack of music, rushed closure, and hilariously flawed scenes. Besides that, the acting performance of almost the entire cast are annoyingly awful as well. The two or three decently choreographed action combat scenes cannot save Fist of Dragon from being the embarrassment that it is. The ending had me palming my face and sliding my fingers down hard, literally. The Ip Man 2 producer (Raymond Wong?) and Michael Chuah probably realised how miserable their film is, hence the 11 month hesitation to release (supposed to be released in March 2010). Or perhaps they took the 11 months to do the "add-ons" that ultimately made the movie even worse than it already was.

Dumbest scene: It was really difficult to pick one from so many but this one is definitely one of the most ridiculous scenes. [SPOILER] The part at the end where one of the three experiment victims miraculously wakes up, finds a syringe, stabs the triad boss (main villain) who so happens to be listening to his MP3 player right outside of the room, and just walks away casually. The triad boss is presumably killed by the needle. [SPOILER ENDS] The production must have had ran out of budget or something.

Most pointless: [SPOILER] Lily (Fiona Xie) joins the triad to find evidence on her mother's death. Although she has no idea what she is supposed to be looking for, she sneaks into the triad boss' room to take photographs of half-opened documents in the dark without flash, and simply transferring files from the computer to her pendrive. She manages to pass the so-called evidence to his father (Henry Thia) but he does nothing with it. Nobody does anything with the evidence at all. [SPOILER ENDS]

The scene that tries to indicate that girls are bimbos: [SPOILER] Both of the main female characters (Fiona Xie and Wang Xiao Chen) that get kidnapped by the evil and powerful gangsters don't get violated in any perverted way but instead, they get tied up to nothing, nicely seated on a tyre and are allowed just stand up and escape when their heroes are fighting to save them. But they still just sit there and wait for rescue even when the hanging objects above them are about to fall and crush them to death [SPOILER ENDS].

Accent confusion? The guy who comes from China (Michael Chuah) does not have an accent but the girl who has been working at the local restaurant since young (Wang Xiao Chen) does.

Moral values: To be united? Please, like that hasn't already been taught in many different stories before. I'd like to take "not throwing rubbish at night" as the moral of the film instead 'cause in movie, bad things happen when you throw garbage outside at the middle of the night. (Laughs)

Rating: 0 / 5

Second opinion: "I really wanted to like the movie, but there's no way to" (Iris Loong).

Main casts and the director of Fist of Dragon at their Red Carpet Gala Premiere held at Pavillion KL, Malaysia without the presence of the two main actresses - TOTAL PHAIL.
  1. Still a better love story than Twilight?

  2. LMAO!! Makes me lagi feels like wanna watch, download download, won't waste money for this. Hahahahahaha, btw watch the trailer also know it's super phail la. Tsk tsk tsk...

  3. LMAO!! haha how come some ppl say until like so nice like that

  4. LOL! now i feel cheated for those keep telling me how nice it is! =/

  5. erm . . . so Twillight Movie shall be -1, -2, -3, -4 or -5? :P just kidding hahaha

    I drifting on the road at midnight, any problem with that? :P

  6. haha! 0/5? Still i'll download it to watch! FOC! =D

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  8. This is what you say:
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    Nothing long-winded. No unnecessary colours added. Just brief and straight-to-the-point perspectives.

    But your review is bias and pointless. Is this what you call a fair review?

  9. @Anonymous Bias? Pointless? Unfair? Can you be even more vague than this?

  10. I totally agree with all your reviews...
    Totally REGRETTED watching this movie in cinema... there goes my $$$
    Worst movie I ever watched in my life.

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