愛 "Love" (2012, TW/CH)

Malaysia Release Date: 22 March 2012
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Genre: Romance Comedy
Running Time: 127 mins
Director: Doze NIU Chen Zer
Cast: SHU Qi, Vicki ZHAO, Ethan RUAN, Mark JAU, Ivy CHEN Yi-han, Amber KUO, PENG Yu Yan, Doze NIU Chen Zer

Synopsis: "This is a story that takes place in two cities, Taipei and Beijing, about eight lonely souls searching for contentment. A romantic comedy where everything that happens and where every sacrifice is made for LOVE" (Gala Entertainment).

Verdict: Not sure if this film is considered a Chinese chick flick but it has good humour, excellent cinematography, well written plots and great acting as well. The film lives up to its powerful title - Love, educating viewers much about the subject through its wide range of scenarios convincingly and entertainingly. However, it lacks of a more satisfying ending and a more involving music score.

Favourite scene: The intro is about 15 minutes or so and the whole of it seems to be taken in one shot. Not to mention that it manages to connect all of the main characters in their own sub-storylines from one location to another.

Malaysian censorship: All make-out scenes are cut.

Rating: 4 / 5

Favourite quote: Lu (Doze Niu) - "Very daring of you to offend a paparazzi." Zoe (Shu Qi) - "He's not paparazzi. He's just a passerby." Lu - "Passers-by ARE paparazzo. Don't you already know? Any person in the world now can easily be a paparazzi (with social media)?"

Sweetest quote: Mark (Mark Jau) - "Remember, never miss something you never had." Xiao Ye (Vicky Zhao)'s five-year-old son - "You can't miss your dad because you've never met him. It's very difficult for me not to miss you because I've already met you."

Fetishes? Zoe has a thing for stammerers like Kuan (Ethan Ruan) since young and Kuan seems to be attracted to Zoe's rumoured smelly feet. Mark on the other hand seems to like the smell of Xiao Ye's hair very much.


Special thanks to Gala Entertainment Sdn Bhd for the press screening of the film.
  1. Great movie! 1 thing about the funniest quote though. I think it's "I'll give you my handphone number next time" instead of "I'll tell them to change my number from 999." Not so sure :/

  2. Gosh me gusta Ethan Ruan since long time ago, he looks like an adorable puppy everytime with his eyes and eyebrow <33

  3. a chinese movie like this one is good except the part of having Shu Qi as the main character :X im bias towards her, ahaha

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