Comida Restaurant @ Publika

Comida Giant Pizza

Type: Mexican, Western & Italian
Location: D2-G3-1 Publika Solaris Dutamas No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Perseketuan Malaysia
Price range: RM4.00 - RM75.60
Special offer: Ala Carte Buffet
Contact no: +603 6211 2662
Business hours: 11am - 12am
Payment options: Cash & Card
Delivery: foodpanda
Car park: Publika
WIFI: (no info)

Comida Restaurant Publika Solaris Dutamas foods
Clockwise from top left: Nachos (RM16); Grilled Rib Eye Steak (RM37); Chicken Pizzaiola (RM27); all available desserts - Comida De Postre (RM12), Panna Cotta (RM9), Hot Fudge Brownies (RM9), Creme Brulee (RM9).

Comida Publika Pizza
The few of the many pizza choices available at Comida. Sizes - 8 inches, 12 inches, 24 inches.

Verdict: It took ages for my orders to come and when they finally came, they didn't taste good enough to compensate the wait. Well, actually, nothing tasted out of this world. On the bright side, however, nothing tasted horrible either. Comida Restaurant's menu has a really broad variety of items to choose from and the pricing is pretty decent too. I'm sure at least one of their dishes could had gotten a major approval from me but just pity that I didn't get to try more than a quarter of they had to offer. This place is ideal for those who are in a group and each has a different opinion of what to have for lunch or dinner.

Favourite: Ala Carta Buffer (RM39++ per person) - a very good deal for a two-hour buffet (7pm - 9pm) with 3-5 items to choose from for main entree, pasta, burgers & breads, and pizza. Perhaps an even better offer than what I had for free that day.

Most unusual & least favourite: The pizzas (RM16.60 - RM73.80, depends on which one & what size) - it may seem that the huge ass 24-inch pizza is their signature but I think it's actually just an attraction. The pizzas tasted quite disappointing when I was there and there's no excuse for that considering that they know they had to do their best to impress the many bloggers they invited that day.

Rating: 3 / 5

Special thanks to Foodpanda for the invitation to taste the food there.
  1. The price seems reasonable to me (:

  2. Looks really good. Ahhhh...thin crust! My daughter would like that - not the thick bread type at Pizza Hut. Prices are ok, normal cafe prices...

  3. HAHA.. A very long waiting food!

  4. the pizza looks *speechless* haha! still prefer domino though! :D

  5. Waited so long? I hate to wait for my food! Oh, the food not that good? OK, will give this place a miss : )

  6. haha how to eat buffet if you dont like pizza? :)

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  7. hmmm pizza . . . jom lets feast it! :D


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