Section 114A kills internet freedom

Apparently, this amendment has already passed in the parliament under the Evidence Act 1950 in April 2012.

Basically if you, or someone who uses your name, posted a negative comment on any social media channel, you can be sued for defamation or tried for sedition or improper use of network facilities under bla-bla-bla. In case the examples on the image above wasn't enough; you or your friend, using your Facebook account, updated a status saying "Colourless Opinions' reviews are inaccurate!" Due to this new law section, I have the rights to sue you for defamation and the only way to defend yourself is to prove that it wasn't you who did it. Meaning either you or your friend will definitely "kena". What the fuck, right?

And if you're a blogger like me, we can be held responsible to anyone who comments negatively about a person on any entry of the blog. Which is why it's disappointing to see many bloggers and blog advertising companies not bothered by this at all. When people start going to jail or getting fined, bloggers will fear and may stop blogging, and blog advertising companies will eventually lose its core business.

Fellow Malaysians, even if it wouldn't make any difference, let's just unite and create mass awareness for this. At least for one day - today.
  1. Speechless.. dunno what to say about this act..

  2. Don't say, share it, take part. You're a blogger as well.

  3. hm, i'm so out of touch. wait let me read tru on what is to be done here from our side.

  4. what should I do for my part in order to support this action? just like and share?

  5. Please refer here:

  6. Its just an utter mockery of the fundamentals of law. One is assumed guilty unless proven innocent. How barbaric is our laws turning into?


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