Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania (2012)

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Rated: P13
Genre: Family, comedy, animation, cartoon
Running Time: 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Director: Genndy Tartakovskybr /> Cast: Selena Gomez, Adam Sandler, Fran Drescher, Kevin James, David Spade, Cee-Lo Green , Steve Buscemi, Molly Shannon, Andy Samberg

Synopsis: "The last thing Simon Van Helsing, the youngest in a long line of monster hunters, wants to do is fall in love with Dracula's daughter, Mavis. Upon discovering that they are natural enemies, the doomed couple attempt to bring peace between the warring monsters and humans" (Sony Pictures).

Verdict: With a budget of $100 million, they probably could've done a better parody. But at least the vampires here don't sparkle under the sun. Hotel Transylvania has an extremely typical and predictable plot but it's still quite watchable, thanks to its funnier jokes in the second half. What's most disappointing is that instead of exploring the bizarre ways of the monsters and their hotel for the undead only, the film shows mostly about how a human being has fun. Yawn.... Great Hungarian/Dracula accent pulled by Adam Sandler. Selena Gomez didn't have much to do. Her character, Mavis, sings at end of the movie but it only double confirms that she's an unimpressive vocalist.

Second opinion: "Predictable and yet fun to watch" (Iris Loong).

Annoying character: I dunno if it was just me but I find the human boy (Jonathan voiced by Adam Samberg) extremely annoying and would've loved a darker version of this cartoon where the monsters give him a painful death.

Frankenstein: The writer of this animated film, like everyone else, thinks that the name of Frankenstein's monster is Frankenstein. By right, the monster does not have a name at all. In the original novel, Frankenstein is actually the name of his creator.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Favourite scene: (not the exact quotes) "If they know you're a human, they might kill you!" whispers Dracula to Jonathan and he replies, "That's so racist!" Jonathan has to pretend that he's one of them (monsters) and therefore starts acting like a zombie while dressed like Frankenstein. "Is he making fun of me?" is the response of the Frankenstein.

Hypocrites! There's one part where Dracula sees a scene from "Twilight" (the movie) and seems to be disappointed with how humans interpret vampires these days. In "Hotel Transylvania", vampires and all the other monsters are afraid of humans and they'd never harm a single life. So, this is how we should look at all these monsters instead, huh? It's actually just as bad as "Twilight" or probably worse 'cause "Twilight" didn't mess with the mythology of all the monsters, just vampire and werewolf.

Major plothole: In the universe of this story, Dracula and all the other monsters are hiding from the humans because the humans attacked Dracula and killed his wife in the past. But why would the humans attack them when they don't even harm humans at all?

Hotel Transylvania
  1. LOL a nonsense romance. AGREEEEEEEEEEE

  2. A 2.5 on your rating is quite impressive. =D I think it's one of the decent movies recently. =/

  3. I agree with your take on their hypocritical point of view but to me, it is still one of my fav bits. And yes, that racist remark is brilliant. And yes, the human boy is freakingly annoying. Not to mention Selena Gomez uses autotune here..LMAO

  4. But why would the humans attack them when they don't even harm humans at all?

    Because human are racist? :p

    Gangnam Fries and Samurai Burger @ McDonald's

  5. with a budget of $100 million? oh my GOD LMAO! fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Worst than Finding Nemo HAHAHA

  6. I am actually looking forward to this movie. Missed the media preview thanx to a last minute meeting:(

  7. I actually enjoyed watching it. Never laughed so much at a movie before! :D

  8. We enjoyed it max! Ethan came without napping and managed to stay awake and laughing all the way! Superb.. that's just superb for us :D

  9. Not bad of a movie bleh bleh bleh

  10. Oh! The vampire don't sparkle in the sun is good news already! Hahaha!!


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