Album Review: The 2nd Law - Muse

Muse 2nd Law album cover

Genre: Alternative rock, electronic rock, dubstep, new prog, symphony rock

Theme/Topics: Thermodynamics, economy, motivation, alcoholism

1. "Supremacy" (4:55)
2. "Madness" (4:39)
3. "Panic Station" (3:03)
4. "Prelude" (0:57)
5. "Survival" (4:17)
6. "Follow Me" (3:51)
7. "Animals" (4:23)
8. "Explorers" (5:48)
9. "Big Freeze" (4:41)
10. "Save Me" (5:09)
11. "Liquid State" (3:03)
12. "The 2nd Law: Unsustainable" (3:47)
13. "The 2nd Law: Isolated System" (4:59)

Singles (first to latest): "Survival", "Madness"

Verdict: It runs further away from the band's signature style, exploring many other genres without being very original but will definitely bring in new fans. When I first heard Madness before the album was released, I absolutely hated it. Supremacy's riff reminds of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. Animal sounds like a song from Radiohead's In Rainbow album. Save Me & Liquid State, featuring the lead vocals from bassist Chris Wolstenholme for the first time (I think?), are great songs but despite being written by Wolstenholme, they lack of the powerful emotions that Matthew Bellamy's singing could've provided. Then after noticing the dubsteps the album, I was convinced that they're trying to break into the club music market & started flipping tables in my head wondering the fuck is wrong with Muse? This ain't Muse at all! But I gave the album some time 'cause I remembered that I only managed to understand & enjoy their previous album, The Resistance, weeks after posting the review. I got addicted to some of the songs, particularly Madness. Although The 2nd Law isn't a poor album, old fans like myself would probably still label it as their worst album to date.

Favourite track: Panic Station - The funkiness & the retro Rocky sound that never fails to make me feel like shadowboxing. The motivating lyrics can be easily related to anyone. However, many may say that the beat's a ripoff of Queen's Another One Bites The Dust, which in all honesty, does sound similar.

Least favourite track: Liquid State - Sounds like their old stuff but with duller vocals. Can't feel it.

Rating: 3 / 5
  1. After reading this post, I realized that I have no idea how to review a music album. XD I'll just go good, nice, bad, what am I listening? heeeheeeheee

  2. review music album as well..ahh doesn't listen to music much anymore


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