Malaysia's largest Lotus convoy gathering ever! | Firsthand experience

Lotus Evora line up The Host Convoy Malaysia

The largest convoy of Lotus sport cars ever in Malaysia happened last Sunday (7 April) morning... and courtesy of Nuffnang and Nusantara Edaran Filem, I was in it! How cool was that? Over 9000!!! A total of 68 Lotus cars with 17 of them being Lotus Evora's. The convoy was from the Lotus Cars Malaysia Flagship Showroom in Sg Penchala, TTDI, to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, led by the Chrome Lotus Evora driven by Asia's fastest female racer Natasha Seatter (in photo below).

Natasha Seatter drove Chrome Lotus Evora replica during The Host Lotus Convoy Malaysia at Pavilion KL

The whole event was obviously to promote the film, The Host. There was a special screening at the GSC of where the convoy ended but of course, I totally skipped it (I've already reviewed movie here). The Chrome Lotus Evora (in images above & below) is specially manufactured to be featured in the movie but for road safety reasons, the replica Natasha drove was only a sticker-ed chrome, which explains why it doesn't look as reflective and beautiful as it is in the film.

Chrome Lotus Evora replica during The Host Lotus Convoy Malaysia at Pavilion KL

Yellow Lotus Exige S V6 during The Host Largest Lotus Convoy in Malaysia
This will definitely be one of the highlights of the year for me 'cause it was the first time I've ever been in a convoy like this and also, the first time I've ever rode in a genuine sport car. I was the passenger of a yellow Lotus Exige S V6 (in photo on the right). I have to admit, I wasn't really excited about the whole thing until I got into the car and felt its power. It's so sexy, god damn it, I absolutely loved it. It's just unfortunate that it was a slowed-down convoy instead of an all-out one. They had the traffic police to block off all vehicles and traffic lights while escorting all 68 of the Lotus cars all the way to our destination in KL. Vrooooom!

My driver for the convoy was Mazlan, from Lotus. During the ride in the convoy, he shared some pretty interesting facts about the cars: the Lotus Evora was actually released in 2011 whereas the model that I was in was just launched in January this year. The price range of an Evora is between RM480,000 to RM670,000 depending on specifications. It's more expensive than the Exige S V6 due its size and luxurious design. He also kinda said that the Exige S V6 is faster and more powerful than the Evora, and that he's hit 300 (km/hour) before with it.

During the screening of the movie, I took a cab back to my Proton Saga. I paused and stared a while before opening the door. And there it was, I felt it for the first time... that it sucks. I now want to own a sport car. Tun Dr. Mahathir, you're so rich, sponsor me one please. I promise I won't blog about you. You help me, I help you.

Mahathir at Pavilion KL The Loft during The Host Lotus Convoy Malaysia

Okay okay, don't get mad, was just kiddin' yo. He was there to grace the event as well. Anyway, here's more photos I had taken during the event. It's one of those days I wished I had more than just a Blackberry to take pictures.

The Host Largest Lotus Convoy in Malaysia all cars lined up
All 68 Lotus cars lined up ready to be led by Evora's.

Yellow Lotus Evora The Host Convoy Malaysia
This yellow Lotus Evora actually looks better in this photo.

Red Maroon Lotus Evora The Host Convoy Malaysia
Sexy back.

Lotus Evora Interior steering wheel The Host Convoy Malaysia
Interior of a Lotus Evora.

The Host Largest Lotus Convoy in Malaysia in the car; passenger's view
In the powerful Lotus Exige S V6 during the convoy.

In Lotus Exige S V6 during The Host Largest Lotus Convoy in Malaysia
Mazlan was the driver. Not much space for me take proper photo.

Side mirror of Lotus Exige S V6 during The Host Largest Lotus Convoy in Malaysia
Did the Putraline bus try to join in?

The Host Largest Lotus Convoy at Pavilion KL Malaysia
Arrived the entrance of Pavilion KL; all parked in display.

Lotus Evora The Host parking skill Malaysia
Dare to show parking skills!
  1. Definitely a head turner event:D

    The chrome replica was quite a disappointment for me. I expected it to be at least 2/3 the brilliance from the movie.

  2. lol... now i just know the that used in The host movie was lotus~ XD

  3. The parking skill....Tahap Malaysia

  4. when travel back from Pavilion to Lotus Showroom, travel back with Lotus car (that time), I tell u, it is 10x more exciting than the convoy XD

    - Travel back with with Elise S, means Evora + Elise S travelling on the road haha

  5. fuyoh the cars!!!! if i could drive for one day, i'll be happy max! =P


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