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Gumball 3000 Super Rally - Rally On reality TV series on Bento Live Malaysia

Services of legal & free movie streaming website Bento Live is now available conveniently on Samsung Smart TV's

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I've been watching a reality TV series on called Rally On that shows what truly happened in the Gumball 3000 Super Car Rally, an annual American 3,000-mile international motor rally. It's pretty entertaining watching a bunch of rich people and washed-up celebrities going on this long, wild road trip, partying and doing loads of morally wrong things, disregarding the consequences.

Rally On is raw and offers the kind of experience that many wouldn't even dream of getting to have (it costs over £20,000 to participate). But I believe there may be some that wouldn't like it due to the event's nature and lack of good purpose.

Anyway, the point is that this is exactly the type of stuff that we'd probably won't ever get to watch on broadcast TV. Bento Live has all sorts of rare movies (there are even award-winning films that were never released in Malaysia), series, documentaries and animations (you can watch animes like Megaman!).

Bento Live Samsung Smart TV HD

Bento Live is a new video streaming website which allows users to conveniently browse and watch movies available, completely FREE to use (much to my surprise when the website was recommended to me by a friend) as its revenues are generated from the ad banners and short commercials played before the videos. Another awesome thing about it is that most of the stuffs in there can be viewed in crystal clear HD, even on 75" televisions, as you can see below.

Bento Live  Samsung Smart TV Malaysia

Awww yea, the high definition quality is flawless. Bento Live is now only available on Samsung Smart TV's. You can download the app from Samsung app store for free. If you do not own a Samsung device, the Android version is available for a one-time fee of only RM6.50.

Bento Live is giving away TWO Samsung 40” Smart TV's every month in simple contest on Facebook

Bento Live Samsung 40-inch Smart TV Facebook giveaway contest poster

Yes, just follow these four very simple steps and you'll be in the running to be one of the two owners of a brand new 40" Samsung Smart TV of the month;

  1. Register an account on
  2. Like the Facebook Page of Bento Live (
  3. Share the contest post
  4. Reply on contest post of your favourite movie
I have just submitted my entry, wish me luck!

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