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In 2009, ColourlessOpinions.com started out as a personal blog, used as a channel to humourously express frustrations and to criticise the latest movies and current events. The website then gradually grows into a blog of candid reviews, personal experiences and thoughts on new films, sports, events and happenings in Malaysia. The blog continues to change in attempt to add a broader variety of contents while maintaining the blog's principles of being totally casual, but totally frank... and sometimes necessarily unprofessional - the way its readers like it.

Tony Teh, the blogger

Tony Teh aggressive inline blading air mute grabBusiness management degree holder Tony Teh is an entrepreneur currently running a small social media management agency he founded in 2012. Tony's neither a professional critic nor a journalist/writer of any kind but like most bloggers in the world, he hopes that his opinions could gradually help improve the things he blogs about. Tony... well, it's actually me. Who am I kidding, this is all just me writing.

Email: tony@colourlessopinions.com
Twitter/Instagram: @toninkush
Facebook: fb.com/colourlessopinions

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